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Boardie uses Canon Cinema-EOS camera kit and Sony 4k broadcast compliant camera equipment. We edit on Avid & Adobe edit systems. Our equipment meets the stringent HD TV broadcast specifications, but the adage ‘no job too small’ was never truer! 4k, HD, SD, UK, EU or worldwide – we can cope with it! Our in-house equipment means we can move very quickly & for larger productions we have the connections to obtain & use whatever equipment is required.

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About Boardie’s Director Sean Riley:
Sean completed a Media Production degree in ’96, then worked as a runner in Soho before heading to the Midlands to become a TV “station automation” specialist. After a number of years travelling around the world helping TV stations launch to air (from Detroit to Moscow, Johannesburg to Singapore and many points in between) he became TV director at the BBC. For eight years Sean fluctuated between directing live news and Outside Broadcasts and field-producing feature items on location. Since leaving the BBC & alongside Boardie Video Production he runs the successful YouTube channel ‘Computerphile’ (circa 700,000 subscribers), gallery directs TV programmes for Notts TV and shoots packages for organisations including BBC Sport, Working Week & The Sunday Politics.

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